iHope Coaching, Enhancing Executive Functioning

iHope Coaching is designed to help you gain more control of your life. We help with simple things, like strategies that help you find your keys, and complex things like achieving important life goals. Your iHope coach works with you to develop strong thinking and behavior patterns that supports your goals and enhances your everyday life.

Enhancing Executive Functioning

Coaching Groups for Organizationally Challenged Adults

This coaching group is designed to improve the executive functioning of organizationally challenged adults, such as those with ADHD or similar behavioral profiles. Members of this group will learn key skills to help manage their organizational deficits and maximize their full life potential. These skills include:

  • Overcoming emotional resistance to changing current disorganized behavioral patterns.
  • Identifying personal strengths upon which to build a new, more productive life.
  • Managing the self-destructive patterns of thinking that unnecessarily diminishes self-confidence and motivation.
  • Improving time awareness and ability to create realistic schedules.
  • Learning to identify and prioritize important tasks.
  • Setting-up and maintaining an effective organizational system.
  • Strategies for planning, implementing, and GETTING DONE successful projects.
  • Taking care of yourself so life can be more relaxing and enjoyable.
Groups are conducted using iHope’s Personal Video Conferencing System, which allows you to interact with your coach and other group members from the privacy of your home. Individual coaching formats are also available. For more information, contact iHope today at 800-225-0634 or info@ihopenetwork.com. Please mention coaching when you contact us.

What is Coaching?

  • Coaching is usually focused on achieving goals or improving life in areas you choose.
  • The goal of coaching is usually to help you build on existing strengths and achieve above average to superior levels of functioning.
  • Whether it’s managing time or developing strong social skills and important friendships, iHope coaching can help you achieve your goals.

*Coaching does not qualify for reimbursement by insurance companies – clients typically pay for coaching directly out-of-pocket.

Why Cognitive Behavioral Coaching (CBC)?

CBC works by:

  • Applying problem-solving methods to enhance happiness, performance, and the achievement of personal objectives.
  • Analyzing the thoughts and behaviors that clients apply to challenges, and checks whether their approach supports or limits their efforts.
  • Improving clients’ self-confidence.
  • Teaching new skills clients can use to manage situations and reach their goals more effectively.

The principles and concepts of CBC underpins all the coaching offered at iHope.

CBC evolved from the evidence-based methods of cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT. The focus of CBT is treating people with diagnosed disorders, while CBC shifts the focus to helping people develop and achieve their goals.

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