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David Frenkel, BSc

​David was CEO of Panviva, the leader in Business Process Guidance, which is focused on improving real-time adherence to best practice procedures and continuous process improvement, in health insurance, insurance, banking and telecommunications. He is also the CMO of Enlighten which specializes in continuous improvement transformation programs for health insurance, insurance and banking organizations.​

David has founded hardware and software companies in Australia and the USA for publishing automation and Internet offerings. He has been CEO and head of marketing for divisions of Fortune 500 companies including Lear Siegler, Bausch and Lomb, Computervision and Intergraph. The technologies spanned analytical instrumentation, CAD/CAM, scanning and imaging. David also ran industrial marketing for Lumonics Inc, then the third-largest laser company in the world. He received his BSc at the University of Melbourne with a nuclear physics major.

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