Are you concerned about a young person age 12–21?

Have they been feeling down, sad, or hopeless for a while? Have they lost interest in the things they normally like doing?

If so, they may be depressed. The good news is, together, we can help.

Depression is VERY common. In fact, about one in five young people experience depression before the age of 25. There’s nothing unusual about it or anything for them (or you) to be embarrassed about.

But, truth be told, depression can be a scary, awful experience. And even though it’s common, we need to take it seriously. It zaps their joy, makes them less productive, it can ruin relationships, and even bring on thoughts of suicide.


If you have a depressed child, it does NOT mean that you have failed as a parent.

It does NOT mean that your child is weak.


And as a parent, you are in the best position to get them the help they need.


Introducing The iHopeConnect Mood Enhancement Program for Young People:

Designed specifically for young people ages 12 through 21… ● It combines person-to-person care with technology… ● A licensed therapist or “mood coach” equipped with online tools… ● The iHope therapist GETS TO KNOW your child and what he/she is going through – just as if they were meeting in-person – our experience is that adolescents and young adults can develop a strong bond with iHope coaches using video chat or even just the phone. ● We begin with a comprehensive question and answer assessment… ● And engage more frequently and briefly than with conventional therapy… ● Twice weekly, for up to 12 weeks, through private/secure video meetings and daily texting… ● Supported by a personalized, cloud-based Life-Skills Learning Space… ● All in coordination with the young person’s doctor and parent/guardian (when applicable)…

The iHope program will try to help young people overcome their feelings of depression—we’ll teach them how to solve problems, how to improve their relationships with friends and family, and help them get back on track enjoying their life.

Your child can complete the iHope program at convenient places and times.

No need to drive your child anywhere, deal with traffic and parking, or adjust your family’s schedule in any other way.

Although we are using existing methods for overcoming depression, we are making these methods available in an innovative way by using the latest cloud-based technologies.

What to do next?

Call 1-800-225-0634 or click here to arrange an initial assessment over the phone to determine if iHope is right for your child.

Call and we’ll answer any questions you have and get the process started—our phone number is 1-800-225-0634.

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