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Securely video conference with an iHope licensed therapist.

iHope Benefits

iHope Benefits

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Help is as close as your nearest computer or mobile device.

All of us have times when we feel lonely, distressed and unable to cope. Help is as close as your nearest computer or mobile device. iHope helps you wherever you are and whenever you choose.

You can start feeling better soon. You can securely videoconference with an iHope licensed therapist to receive counseling. Your primary care physician provides you with a referral to iHope, and the major health insurance payers cover these costs.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT is appealing because it is proactive and gives the patients practical tools and insights to help manage their own issues. This “solution focus” is empowering to the patient and produces faster and better outcomes.

Licensed Counselors You Can Trust

iHope therapists have experience treating insomnia, anxiety, depression, OCD, substance use, pain, and many other conditions. iHope therapists often practice cognitive behavior therapy. In this form of therapy, each session teaches you skills that enable you to overcome the condition that is bothering you and improve your life.

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Benefits of Video Therapy

Easy to do: No need for travel. All you need is a device like a smart phone, tablet or laptop with a video camera, and an internet connection.

Privacy: Many people like the privacy of therapy in their home. No one knows you are seeing your therapist, except you.

Telehealth Fits Your Schedule: It’s easy to fit the appointment into a busy schedule day or evening.

Here’s What Our Partners Say About iHope Network

''iHope have been a terrific clinical partner for (Large Healthcare Practice). They provide evidence based, very high quality, video-based therapy – delivered by licensed BH clinicians – and thoughtfully designed by their CMO Steve Locke.''-
''We have sent at this point hundreds of patient referrals to them – with great patient and provider feedback.''-
''I would also mention that they have been, without a doubt, our most flexible, responsive and dedicated clinical partner. They have come to our Chiefs’ meetings multiple times to introduce their clinical offerings, as well as doing site visits to our individual departments. And I’m sure they’d be happy to do the same with your IM department.''-
''And I can personally speak to a few experiences I have had with my own patients. One in particular is a very ill woman with PTSD and severe agoraphobia. Perfect for video visits. The therapist has done remarkable work with her and she is now out of the house, dinner with BF, attending appointments. Really impressive work.''-

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