iHope Network + Ginger | Cognitive Behavioral Therapy from Anywhere

A New Chapter

Teaming Up with Ginger

May 2021, iHope Network was acquired by Ginger, an on-demand, mental health care provider that offers behavioral health coaching, therapy and psychiatry to over 10 million people throughout the US and in over 30 countries throughout the world.  Ginger differs from iHope in that it offers its services through its relationships with employers and health plans, while iHope offered its services directly to patients and through our referral partners.

As a result of the acquisition, iHope will no longer be providing clinical services.  Some of our former patients may be able to access care if your employer has a relationship with Ginger.  For other referrals, we are pleased to be able to direct patients to FasPsych.

We thank our valued referral partners for entrusting your patients to our care and partnering with us to provide them with the highest quality behavioral health care.

While iHope no longer exists as we knew it, our team remains dedicated to providing high quality behavioral health care.  As the demand for mental healthcare continues to increase exponentially, we’re proud to join arms with our colleagues at Ginger to move toward achieving Ginger’s vision – a world where mental health is never an obstacle. Together, we look forward to expanding into new markets, building new areas of clinical expertise, and delivering high-quality mental healthcare around the world.

For general questions, please email info@iHopeNetwork.com

For billing or financial questions, please email finance@iHopeNetwork.com