Benefits of Video Therapy | iHope Network

The Benefits of Video Therapy?

iHope Network provides video therapy to people who want an easy way to connect with a caring professional.


iHope therapists have experience treating insomnia, anxiety, depression, OCD, substance use, pain, and many other conditions. iHope therapists often practice cognitive behavior therapy. In this form of therapy, each session teaches you skills that enable you to overcome the condition that is bothering you and improve your life.

Why Use Video Therapy?

Easy To Do

No need for travel-all you need is a device like a smart phone, tablet or laptop with a video camera, and an internet connection.


Many people like the privacy of therapy in their home. No one knows you are seeing your therapist except you. 

Telehealth Fits Your Schedule

It’s easy to fit the appointment into a busy schedule day or evening.