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For Physicians

iHope Network designed our platform to address important barriers to effective treatment faced by you as a clinician and by your patients. We are committed to responding to referrals within 48 hours, and our goal is that all patients who accept treatment speak to a therapist within 7 days.


For clinicians IHN offers the following advantages:

  • Your patients are administered an evidence-based, empirically-validated treatment protocol.
  • Your patients receive an iHopeConnect psychiatric diagnostic interview both to assure eligibility of appropriate patients as well as to identify patients requiring behavioral health specialty care.
  • Your patients are treated by licensed, well-trained and experienced CBT clinicians.
  • Your patients’ depression symptoms, including suicidal risk, are remotely and routinely tracked and monitored over time.
  • Your patients can complete treatment from home in convenient manner at reduced costs, without missing school or work.
  • You receive regular patient progress reports detailing patient status, treatment progress, treatment adherence rates, and clinical notes on a schedule coordinated between your practice and IHN.

iHope takes many insurances from many states – contact us for more information. Reach us at 800-225-0634 or, and we will get right back to you.