Our Mission | iHope Network

We are iHope Network

iHope Network’s mission is to bring evidence-based, affordable psychotherapy to all who need it in the USA in a way that offers effective, convenient, confidential and secure treatment.

How iHope is Fulfilling its Mission

iHope Network uses its network of certified licensed clinicians to deliver technology-guided, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) treatment via phone and video conferencing.

From home or work, online sessions via computer, tablet, or smartphone help to maximize engagement, for optimal therapeutic success rates.

The results are greatly improved, timely and effective access to qualified diagnosis and treatment, in order to achieve superior outcomes.

CBT is a clinically-proven method of treating depression, anxiety, Insomnia and ADHD without, in many cases, the need for medications and their undesirable side effects.

IHN currently accepts patients from Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Tennessee, North Carolina, and other states, as well as people studying and working abroad.